January 26, 2020

Common Reasons for Denial

Every day, disability adjudicators fail to approve many justified and worthy disability cases. Many of these denials are due to a limited evaluation of the evidence on the part of the Social Security judge. Here are some reasons why an adjudicator may deny a claim even if a claimant has a good case:

  • A medical problem may not meet a listing. Some adjudicators will simply reject all non-listing level cases.
  • A disability application may list several impairments and not a main problem.
  • If an applicant has filed previous applications, some adjudicators will instantly deny a new application.
  • Some adjudicators will deny a claim if a claimant has worked after the alleged onset date.
  • Some adjudicators who are overworked with many disability files may simply deny files sitting on their desk at random to save time.

The above reasons may sound poor to justify a denial, but still, until the SSA improves its process, claimants are subject to denial based on these reasons.  Essentially, adjudicators fail to take the time necessary to fully evaluate all of the medical evidence.